Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New year, new financial you?

It's been a while since I posted. Largely because when I diet I hate life and don't want to do anything. Sigh. But I'm close to being back in some of my clothes I outgrew over the last year and a half. I realized it was either lose 20-30 pounds or go buy new clothes. But I have clothes that are classic styles and aren't outdated, so it seemed like such a waste to buy new clothes. Plus, if I lose weight the clothes I knit will use less fiber and with fiber prices, that's a good thing!

Mr. Gaia and I also ended up having a crisis. We got into a fight about the kitten (still not 100% on his litterbox, but he's getting fixed tomorrow) and we both ended up being fully open about our disappointments in life. He's disappointed because he wants to go to grad school at Cornell, but I won't move where it's that cold. I'm disappointed because I desperately want to have a baby girl but he won't have another child (which I do understand and get) or consider adoption (which I don't get). I've been having a hard time with the whole thing lately because several girls have given birth to baby girls lately - girls that didn't want to be pregnant and aren't that happy about having a kid at all. So I have had a bit of depression lately.

Anyway ... I've decided to funnel some of my energy into focusing on something I can change and make better. Our finances. An online community posted this article 31 Days To Fix Your Finances and then challenged us to try to follow the steps. So I thought I would do that here.


Grace said...

Yes, the winter weather in Ithaca sucks. But grad school is temporary (hopefully) and winter is even more temporary.

I don't know what to say about the 2 boys and no girls thing. I always wanted a daughter and I have one. I had hoped for another child, but I am too ill to risk pregnancy a second time. No adoption agency would place a baby with a mother so ill.

Some days, I would be happy to ship a daughter out to you. LOL. It's true. They save their worst behavior for their moms.

Tanya Brown said...

Sometimes it really helps to clear the air. I'm going to hope that's the case for you and your hubby.

Gaia said...

Grace - I know that the idea is that grad school only lasts a few years, but then you've made contacts in the area and getting a job out the area is more difficult than in the area. I really feel that if we move somewhere where it gets cold, he will never move away.

Tanya - Things are better. We both stated our grievances and I suspect he will have a talk with his mom (she's big about making comments like "you really need to have a little girl" which cut me to the quick. She doesn't do it on purpose, she doesn't know, but it just kills me).