Sunday, November 05, 2006

This week in Bug Hill

Major drama this week. Did you know that a restaurant with candles is considered "adults only"? Theresa Maker didn't. So when her mother wanted to have a nice family celebration to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary (Theresa's mother and father's), Theresa suggested the new place "La Petite Fleur". The food was supposed to be good, the atmosphere was quiet, it seemed perfect. Theresa's mother, naturally, wanted the whole family to be there, which included Theresa's newborn and 2yo. Theresa mentioned that the 2yo may not be able to wait for food, etc, but she was assured that the rest of the family would help take turns playing outside with little Emily until the food came.

So they planned the dinner. Everyone went in, they ordered food and then Theresa and Emily went outside and played in the parking lot. Eventually Theresa's brother Sean came out and Theresa went in and visited with the family. Then Theresa's husband, Michael went out and Sean came in. Then the food finally got there. Emily was happy and not in the least antsy. She sat down in her chair, ate her food quietly and then oohed and ahhed with the family as her grandparents opened their gifts. She fell asleep while the adults drank coffee and visited more.

This was the talk of the whole town. How dare Theresa have subjected those other diners to her CHILD. Didn't Theresa know that the candles and price meant that this was a place for adults and that other adults shouldn't even have to SEE her child. Nevermind hear her voice mixed with the rest of the family's.

Those of us that were there and point out that Emily was a perfect angel are told that that doesn't matter at all. They had PAID for a babysitter and had the RIGHT to expect a child-free evening and shouldn't have had to see her at all.

Whatever says I. Emily was an angel. Her parents paid for her food (which she ate and enjoyed in spite of the fact that "this restaurant does not have a children's menu").

Poor Theresa though, she's being hounded and called rude. I reminded her that those people were rude and that most of them felt they had the RIGHT not to have to hear spanish or see an interracial couple.