Tuesday, December 12, 2006


So "Barnyard" finally made it to the Bug Hill movie theater (well, we only pay $1.50 for tickets, so it's basically the dollar movie you see in cities).

We took the boys to see it, their grandmother insisted we treat them to a movie on her dime. God knows their behavior didn't warrant it.

The movie is cute. I love that the farmer is a vegan. But I have a couple of questions:
1) Why, why, why do the bulls have udders? Is a penis too realistic? Could they perhaps have just put nothing there? Bulls don't have udders. I'm sorry, but they don't. I'm sure they have mammary tissue (they are, after all, mammals) but they don't have udders. Do you know how fun it is to sit in a theater with a bunch of country kids who all yell "why does that bull have teats? Where's its dick?". Yeah.
2) If the farmer is vegan, what are they doing with all those eggs? One little ol' rooster can't possibly mate with all the hens that were in that movie to make fertilized eggs. Ungathered eggs are a health hazard on the farm - they attract rats and snakes.
3) What the hell kind of animal is his sidekick? Bizarre looking thing. Okay, I looked it up, it's supposed to be a ferret. Big damn ferret.

Soooo ... should I write to focus on the family and tell them about this movie? About these lesbian transgender cows (I mean, they have to be female, they have udders) and how it's presented as perfectly normal. I mean it makes more sense that that's what these cows are than that Tinky Winky is gay.

Monday, December 11, 2006

I am an addict

Does it matter that my addiction is only to Dr. Pepper?

Seriously, I've found myself raiding my kids' piggy banks for change for my "fix". I hide my habit from my family. I go out of my way to make sure they have no idea how much I drink. I justify it with "it helps me wake up" "it makes me feel less stressed and work is so stressful right now".

I guess as addictions go, it isn't a bad addiction. It's relatively cheap and relatively harmless (I'm still not sure about that high fructose corn syrup). But it does bother me that I'm exhibiting classic addict behavior. Whether it bothers me enough that I won't stop at the quick stop tomorrow remains to be seen. However, I can tell you right now, I'm 90% certain you will find me there at 7:50 in the morning, on my way to work.

I'm so tired of the holidays. Trying to figure out who to see when. What to get everyone with what money. Trying to make sure dh doesn't repeat last year and get me bubble bath I HATE just because he likes the smell (yes, he knew I hated it when he bought it, but thought that I would use it "for him" and I did, half the bottle, and I still hate it).

I'm so tired of my job. Too many deadlines, too much that I have to rely on someone else to supply. I have 3 deadlines tomorrow. For one, I'm still waiting on 3 people to get back to me. For another, this is the 3rd time we've hit this point and my boss has dropped the ball, now it's up to me because he's not going to do it. For the other - I've had no real direction on this at all. I have no idea what he needs or wants.

And everyone is pregnant for the holidays. 9 years ago this time I was just starting the pressure to have a baby. I'm set to ovulate at the same time when Oceanus was conceived. Is it so bad that I still want another baby? And that I resent the people around me who are pregnant?

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Computer support in Bug Hill

Small towns, what can you say?

No geek squad here (well, I think they'll come, but who wants to pay travel?).

My computer crashed. This is the 2nd computer I've killed in a year. I'm finally back up.

So ...

Bug Hill has been quiet. Thanksgiving was exciting. People we haven't seen for years came home for the holidays. Mrs. Anderson's son Josh admitted that he is gay. I knew it years ago, but I was one of the only ones. I am also one of the few who don't mind it. He's a marvelous guy and I'm glad he's happy. He also brought home his partner, Mark. Mark is funny as hell. I think he's the son Mrs. Anderson always wanted Josh to be.

Molly Albright came home with her children. None of us knew Molly had kids. Mrs. Albright had never told any of us. We found out why. Molly is married to a black man. I'm so ashamed of Mrs. Albright. Rather than tell us her daughter had fallen in love with and married a black man, she just never mentioned Molly again. If asked, she said that Molly was doing fine and living in Nebraska. So far it's neck and neck as to which is the biggest scandal - Molly being in an interracial marriage or Mrs. Albright's having basically disowned her.