Sunday, December 03, 2006

Computer support in Bug Hill

Small towns, what can you say?

No geek squad here (well, I think they'll come, but who wants to pay travel?).

My computer crashed. This is the 2nd computer I've killed in a year. I'm finally back up.

So ...

Bug Hill has been quiet. Thanksgiving was exciting. People we haven't seen for years came home for the holidays. Mrs. Anderson's son Josh admitted that he is gay. I knew it years ago, but I was one of the only ones. I am also one of the few who don't mind it. He's a marvelous guy and I'm glad he's happy. He also brought home his partner, Mark. Mark is funny as hell. I think he's the son Mrs. Anderson always wanted Josh to be.

Molly Albright came home with her children. None of us knew Molly had kids. Mrs. Albright had never told any of us. We found out why. Molly is married to a black man. I'm so ashamed of Mrs. Albright. Rather than tell us her daughter had fallen in love with and married a black man, she just never mentioned Molly again. If asked, she said that Molly was doing fine and living in Nebraska. So far it's neck and neck as to which is the biggest scandal - Molly being in an interracial marriage or Mrs. Albright's having basically disowned her.

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