Sunday, January 27, 2008

31 Days To Fix Your Finances, Day 5

31 Days To Fix Your Finances, Day 5: How Much Did You Work Last Year?

Today we're figuring out how much time we spend at work and on work related activities. This will include our lunch breaks, overtime, commute, business travel, business dinners/parties, etc.

This is fairly easy for me. I have no business travel and no business dinners. I also don't take a lunch break or work overtime (much).

So mine looks like this:
6.5 hours/day for 46 weeks of the year.
8 hours/day for 4 weeks of the year.
Total time paid work - 1,655 hours/year.

My commute is 20 minutes per day.
Total time spent commuting - 83 hours

Lunch - 1 hour/day for 4 weeks = 20 hours.

Comp time. This is a bit harder, but basically has worked out to about 10 hours this year.

I need to subract out the 9 holidays I get each year - so that's 61.5 hours (regular work days and commute)

So my total time spent at work is 1,700.5 hours/year.

Now, Mr. Gaia's is much harder to figure out. He works odd hours and does have some business travel, but generally his odd hours are worked out with comp time. He also gets more vacation than I do, but I'm not sure how much - 3 weeks I think.

So here we go
8 hours/day for 49 weeks each year - 1,960

Commute - one hour/day - 245 hours

Travel (figuring that he averages travel one night/month) 16 hours *12 = 192 hours

Lunch - 245 hours

Minus his 10 holidays = 80 hours

Total time he worked this year - 2,562 hours.

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