Sunday, January 27, 2008

31 Days To Fix Your Finances, Day 4

31 Days To Fix Your Finances, Day 4: How Much Did You Earn Last Year?

Okay, first we are supposed to state how much we made last year at all of our jobs. I have no record of how much I made at mystery shopping - I think it was around $100, but I don't know so I won't count it. So I have the one job.

Part time I made $26,000 with withholdings of $3,800 for a grand total of $22,200.

Next, we are supposed to list the costs associated with working:
Childcare - $10/year (Boys and Girls Club rocks!)
Driving to work, gas - $150 (figuring 2.80/gallon)
Driving to work, maintenance - $0
Wardrobe - $100 (this is probably an overestimate, I rarely buy clothes, my mom gives me so much)
Meals - $10 (rare occasions do I buy meals)
Gifts - $25

My salary after all expenses - $21,905

Mr. Gaia makes $36,600 with withholdings of $3,160 for a total of $33,440
Childcare (already accounted for in mine)
Driving to work, gas - $1,050
Driving to work, maintenance - $500 (an overestimation but the best I can do)
Wardrobe - $0 (uniforms are great!)
Meals - $150 (again, a guess, it's probably less)
Gifts - $0

His salary after all expenses - $31,740

Our total together - $53,645

We're in great shape since we are careful with our money. If I were to work full time, I wouldn't clear much more than I do now because of additional childcare expenses, that and the opportunity to shop over a lunch hour.

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