Sunday, November 18, 2007

Tournament is Over!

They played 3 games - they tied 0-0, lost 1-0 and won 2-0. If the team they lost to had beat the team they tied, they'd have made the semi-finals. I was just glad to get to come home and take a long nap.

My interview is tomorrow and once again, I'm caught up on what to wear. Skirt or slacks? Tailored blouse with a jacket? Tailored blouse without a jacket?

What do I carry? They said I didn't need to bring anything. I didn't use a resume to apply - I filled out a state application. They didn't ask for references. Do I take a list of references and a resume? I haven't updated my resume since I got this new job, but it wouldn't be that difficult, necessarily. 3 references are somewhat of a problem. I have a professor from my night classes, a co-worker from a previous job and that's it. I would use another professor, but she didn't hire me when she had the chance, so why should I trust her to give me a good reference? I don't want to use to my current boss even though I know he would be honest and give me a good reference.

Sigh, this is always so stressful.

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Tanya Brown said...

Hey, congratulations on landing the job interview! (Sounds like the kids did well on their games, too.)

Try not to stress over the interview. The way people typically think of interviews is in terms of having to "perform". A better analogy might be a "blind date": each party is looking the other over. So relax, take a look at them, try to get a feel for whether the job is as interesting as it sounds and so forth.

I wouldn't know what to do about the resume or the references either. However, if your resume can be quickly updated so it highlights skills and talking points for this particular position, it might help you mentally prepare for the interview.

"Break a leg!"