Monday, November 19, 2007

So... the job interview

Okay - going into this I knew there was no way I would get the job. I don't speak Spanish.

But, I think the interview went pretty well. I was calm and relaxed and chatted with the interviewers before and after. I think I gave good answers to the questions and did a fairly good job tying in past jobs with this job.

Some of the questions threw me completely and I felt like a blathering idiot. Questions I can totally think of much better answers for now. I was expecting questions about birding, etc and was prepared to talk about my favorite birds (sparrows are #1, believe it or not).

I was very upfront about having kids - I mean I have to be, the questions were about school groups and kids, so I had to somewhat talk about my kids and how being around them and their friends has helped me to develop my skills in this area.

Then came the spanish question. They asked me to translate 2 sentences to spanish. I couldn't remember more than "me llamo es" - sigh. I explained that I was working on learning it and that I was in the "decoding" phase. That I knew enough to say "mas despacio, por favor" and pick out key words to "put through my decoder ring in my brain" (DORK!!).

I did tell them that I really wanted the job. They told me that the process would take 2 weeks and at the end of the time, the person they hire will get a call, the rest of us will get letters. I said "well, I would like a call, not a letter, please." (again DORK!!!)

So, in 2 weeks I guess I'll know for sure what I already know. But you know, this is a process. I know now what I need to know. I need to get my Master Naturalist certification, my Certified Arborist certification (officially working on that now!! Yay me!!), and get the spanish. Mr. Gaia and I are going to buy the Rosetta stone latin american version.

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Tanya Brown said...

This is great, all in all. Even if you don't land this particular position this time, they may remember you the next time one comes up. You also, as you pointed out, now have a better feel for what's needed to translate dreams into goals. I have a feeling that as you work toward those goals, some doors are going to open.