Tuesday, November 20, 2007

New kitty

After 12 years of wanting a second kitty, we went to the animal shelter and picked out a kitten today.

We looked at lots of kitties. Friendly ones, loud ones, quiet ones, needy ones. I wanted to adopt them all. I would have liked to adopt some of the adult kitties, but with a 12 yo cat at home it seemed best to get her something she could dominate.

After much thought, I decided I wanted a boy kitty because they seem to be more cuddly and I want a cuddly kitty.

So we found the prettiest cream tabby kitty I've seen in a long time. He's about 10-14 weeks old and playful and cuddly.

The boys named him Ron Weasley (after wanting to name him OJ which made Mr. Gaia and I cringe).

He's currently confined in the boys' bedroom with a food bowl and a water bowl and his own litter box.

While we were there, some coward dropped off a box of baby kittens (barely had their eyes open, I'll bet) and then ran. There were about 6 kittens in there. I wanted to say "I'll foster them and give them their formula and raise them to be big and strong" but Mr. Gaia pulled me away fast.

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Green SAHM said...

Oh, my husband would have had trouble pulling me away! I've hand raised kittens before, and they turned out so sweet!