Saturday, November 17, 2007

Heartbreaking day

Tiring day.

First game at 9:00. The other team had the most amazing footwork I've ever seen in a group of 9 and unders. We tied 0-0.

Then a game for Hyperion at 10:15. Lots of shoving and pushing that wasn't seen by the ref. Then our boys decided to shove and push and were seen by the ref. Sigh. Lost 5-1.

Then another game for Oceanus at 1:00 (which was delayed until 2:00). And it just wasn't our day with refs. Whenever the ball was kicked out the ref decided our team kicked it out, even when we were nowhere near the ball (we're not talking things that might be close calls). I'm tempted to send the video of this game to the tournament organizers - it was that bad. We lost 1-0 which will count as a shut out and get extra points for the opposing team. Now it wasn't all the ref, our team kept kicking the ball right in front of the net and our midfield players kept holding back. Our poor scorers had no help at all.

We have one more game tomorrow morning at 10:00. That should be it.

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