Saturday, September 08, 2007

Party at my house!

Just kill me now. After dithering back and forth for over a year (since we moved into the house) Mr. Gaia came home on Saturday and told me that we are having a party this Saturday (I guess that's today).

OMG. My house wasn't even every day clean, much less having company over clean. So, I've been cleaning all week (which is why I've been so silent). I have 33 confirmed yes RSVPs, 5 maybes and 26 non-responders.

So, being environmentally minded, Mr. Gaia and I have been discussing our options for feeding people. We decided to buy the cheap, restaurant grade flatware at Sam's so that it can be reused. We've discussed plates ad infinitum and still haven't decided. I think we're going to go with Chinet that is made from recycled paper and then put it in our compost pile.

We've bought natural sodas, organic veggies, baked bread, brownies and mixed up dips.

I'll report back if I survive.

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Tanya Brown said...


Seriously, I bet it's going to be great and people will have a blast. I hope you get to enjoy yourself as well.