Wednesday, September 05, 2007

How are people doing it

Several bloggers have recently had some interesting financial posts.

First up we have BitchPhD with her two posts - But, but, I thought we were rich and Fuck all y'all, how have we been doing it?!? These are an interesting take on how someone making well over the median income still can't afford to buy a house in much of the US.

Then we have Pandagon with Poverty study brings the spin.

Over 36 million people in the US live in poverty. Over THIRTY-SIX MILLION. This doesn't include the working poor who are one small hiccup away from being in poverty. Or the rest of us who are one setback away from being working poor or in poverty.

Here in the Valley we have the colonias. Whole "subdivisions" that live without access to electricity, potable water and sewage systems. On property that is so worthless they can't even grow a veggie garden (if they could manage to somehow irrigate it when it doesn't rain here - which is more often than not).

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