Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Rain, Rain, Rain

It has rained most of the day. Rain, rain, rain.

When I stupidly step off of the concrete surfaces, I sink up to my ankles in mud and grass. Rain, rain, rain.

My grass grows taller and taller and the city hollers louder and louder. Rain, rain, rain.

My watermelon vine still only has the one fruit (that I've found*) but has managed to grow 15 feet long and up and over my 5' back fence. Rain! Rain! Rain!

My cannas are blooming for the first time since I moved them from Oklahoma City to South Texas. Rain! Rain! Rain!

My ginger and my plumeria are putting on lots of nice foliage. Rain! Rain! Rain!

If it stops raining, I'll go out and weed the hell out of my garden bed and plant tomatoes and peppers (surprisingly this is the right time here in South Texas). And maybe some okra (yummy!). At which point, it will stop raining at all.

*I say that I've found, because it has chosen to grow in the direction of the most overgrown parts of my flower beds. So actually looking for fruit will require really searching.