Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Summer Fun

So my kids are home from Camp Grandma and it's time for our own summer fun.

Except - I've done nothing with them so far. Part of that is because we just spent almost 2 weeks traveling together. Part of it is because they are little monsters right now as they try to make the adjustment to being back home. A HUGE part of it is that I'm just exhausted after I get off work because being on vacation means that I have a ton of catch up to do.

They've spent the last 2 days at the Boys and Girls Club while Mr. Gaia and I are at work. So far they've had a blast. Yesterday they saw what happened when you drop Mentos into Diet Coke. Today they had cinnamon toast.

I can't say enough good things about the Boys and Girls Club. They charge $5 for a year membership and during the summer they provide a free program (ours is 9:00-2:30) with a free lunch. This is open to anyone and even though we are not low income, they encourage us to participate (good thing since my kids are too young to leave home alone but there are not really any summer programs for kids in the area). We send money with the kids to buy snacks at the snack bar and make sure to participate in their fund raisers. Even sending snack money with them, we're spending less than we would for them to be in school (we send less than we had to spend for school lunch).

Hyperion needs to practice reading this summer. He reads very well, but he thinks he doesn't, so I need something for him to read to build up his confidence. Right now it's a search to find material he will enjoy reading.

He's enjoying his new pets - the ox beetles and sea monkeys. Right now I'm still the primary caregiver for the ox beetles, but that's mainly because the container they are in is very flimsy and not really sturdy enough for handling by a 7 year old. But he does watch them and make suggestions for their care. They love grapes, so they are not going to starve as I had been afraid. I think if I could find a nice simple book about either pet he would be willing to read it. I think. It's hard to say because so far he won't read the instruction books for his gameboy games, even when they would really help him to win, or even understand the game.

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Tanya Brown said...

Welcome back home. Now I want to see photos of the sea monkeys!

In the comic book ads of my youth, the father sea monkeys were always puffing cigars while they read the newspaper, while the mother sea monkeys wore half aprons and were tidying the habitat. Let's hope that things have become more progressive since then!