Tuesday, July 31, 2007

90% project

A while back I clicked through links from other blogs and found this project.

While I'm not ready to commit to 90%, I am ready to commit to reducing my consumption as much as possible.

So, Mr. Gaia and I have been talking about getting me an electric scooter to use to commute to work (less than 4 miles round trip). I, of course, thought of something along the lines of a vespa (yes I know a vespa is not electric) (image courtesy of vespa):

Mr. Gaia, bless him, thought of something more like this (image courtesy of Amazon):

Please tell me that I am not shallow for thinking that think looks ridiculous for a grown woman. In business clothes. I swear, it looks like a razer scooter with larger wheels, a motor and a seat.


Tanya Brown said...

LOL! No, you're not shallow.

I'm assuming that the locals tend to drive what the locals in my hometown liked to drive, which is humongous non-diesel pickup trucks with extended cabs and gun racks. I'm also assuming said pickups get mileage of about eight miles per gallon. (Give or take half a mile per gallon from the truck's lace curtains fluttering in the breeze. Those kinds of geegaws add drag, doncha know.)

So. If any of said locals comment about your choice of vehicle and how it complements your business attire, you can smile sweetly and say yeah, it's a real hardship, but since your entire vehicle cost about the same as a month or two of fuel for their truck, you'll find a way to live with it.

The Vespas are nice too, of course. V. stylish.

rani said...

What an amazing concept that is - but it does seem daunting.

The scooter does look funny, like the kind I used to scoot around in as a child - can't see using it in business clothes. Maybe overalls! But yay to you for looking for more efficient transportation.

Grace said...

My neighbor and coworker commutes on an e-bike, which looks like the scooter on the bottom. He does not look ridiculous. His wife and I think he looks like a cute idealist. It is part of his charm.

My sister commuted on a Vespa. It cost about 6 times as much as the e-bike. It might be more now that the dollar is weakening relative to the Euro. Additionally, she only gets ~50 mpg, about what I get in the Prius. The Vespa also gives off gasoline fumes. It does go faster though.