Sunday, August 05, 2007

Happy August!!

August is a busy month for our family - birthday wise. We have lots of birthdays in August between my family and Mr. Gaia's family.

So this weekend we had a mini-birthday celebration at SeaWorld in San Antonio. I'm sunburned and my legs hurt miserably (I really do need to find a pair of shoes that actually fit my foot, my current ones have the arch in the wrong place for me).

Mr. Gaia decided to make this MY birthday weekend (my birthday is actually in a couple of weeks, but this weekend worked best) so he and the boys gave me my presents this weekend. They were really sweet and I have some fun stuff to mess with. I had hinted for a digital camera but I waffled about it enough that Mr. Gaia decided I didn't really want one. I may buy one myself anyway for my real birthday, if I get some bday money. It would be nice to be able to post pics on the blog.


rani said...

happy birthday in advance!

Gaia said...

Why thank you.

And happy belated birthday to you.

Are you a leo too?