Saturday, June 23, 2007

New pet

My nice co-worker brought me a rhinoceros beetle (well, it may actually be an ox beetle, but we'll call it a rhinoceros beetle). Right now it doesn't have a real habitat and it's just a lonely male. But she says she will look for an aquarium they were planning to get rid of and she will bring him a mate.

From what I can tell, it will live for about 4 months, but maybe we can manage to breed some.

He isn't eating the fruit the sites say he should eat (soft bananas, etc) but I gave him a tea bag and he went nuts. He immediately tore into it and then buried himself in the grounds. I figured that since I brew my tea with fructose, this would at least fice him an approximation of the food he normally eats. I guess he agrees. So I guess I'll need to save my tea bags and give them to him from time to time.

This will be Hyperion's new pet.

Biking -
Short ride tonight because it decided to sprinkle, only 2 miles. 79F, 69% humidity (that's according to weather underground, I would have thought it would have been more like 100% since it was sprinkling). 12.7mph, ESE winds with gusts of 20.7mph.


Tanya Brown said...

I'm glad the little guy is eating at least something. I'm concerned that he isn't eating his fruit; I didn't think insects were so picky.

Also, I think I may be a sick freak, because I'm seriously anxious about the appetite of a short-lived insect which lives halfway across the country from me.

Here's hoping that beetle love will soon be in the offing -

Gaia said...

He loves the freakin' tea bags. So, I go through a tea bag every other day he should be happy.