Saturday, June 09, 2007


I hadn't been across the border to Mexico in over a year. I mean, I took a vacation to the Riviera Maya last summer, but to just go across the border? Over a year.

Mr. Gaia and I had tacos had a great little taqueria and then shopped. All we bought was the tequila for my father-in-law. I found we can only legally bring back one liter of alcohol each as Texas residents (unfair say I!).

Going into Mexico reminds me how incredibly fortunate I am. As I watched the little kids begging and peddling trinkets, I thought about my own kids. My kids who get a decent, free public education. Who will never be forced to sell little trinkets on a dusty road in torn and dirty clothes. My kids who simply by the luck of the draw, were born in a country where they will have advantages these kids will never have.

As I walked the streets, I began to think of all the illegal immigrants in the US. I can't blame them. I know that not all parts of Mexico are like border towns - some are much better and some are much worse. But for the most part, the people in Mexico can only dream of the advantages we see as part of our every day life.

Oceanus gets it on the primal level. We can't take him into the border towns with us. His sensitive soul simply can't handle it. He will sob for nights afterward - his brain returning to the poverty and sadness he saw everytime he lets his guard down.


Tanya Brown said...

I'm with Oceanus, bless his heart. There are some truths that are almost too gutwrenching to bear.

I have great respect for most illegal aliens. The ones I have known endured horrible conditions to get to the U.S. and worked at unpleasant jobs in order to get a little money to send to loved ones.

I should probably stop at that, and refrain from using your comments section as a political soapbox.

rani said...

I think it's great that your kids get exposure to how others live in the world - though it must break your heart to see them so affected by it.

Gaia said...

Oh, go ahead Tanya. This is one area that causes me to get on my political soap box as well.

I've known several illegal aliens and all of them lived in fear of getting caught. They never sped or dared to even bend a traffic law. They were aware that the smallest infraction could be their last.

I think that if we as a country really want to stop illegal immigration we have to first punish the employers - who see it as a good deal for them. They get cheap labor that's afraid to complain and if they get caught it's just a slap on the wrist.