Sunday, June 10, 2007

Solar Oven Update No 2

It was hot today - a high of 94. So Mr. Gaia decided to cook in the solar oven. First he made brownies (yummy!), then lasagna and finally steel-cut oats.

So that whole "takes twice as long to cook" thing? Yeah, not so much if the temps are high enough. The brownies aren't nearly as moist as we like and the lasagna noodles are beyond overdone. I haven't tried the oats, yet.

It occurred to me, too late, that if the temp was boiling or above, there's no reason to think it will take twice as long. I think this will take some getting used to.

Tomorrow I plan to bake more bread. It's supposed to be 30% cloud cover tomorrow, but I think that will be fine. It's still supposed to be hot. I'll mix up the dough tonight, let it rise in the fridge overnight, then first thing in the morning, punch it down and let it rise in the breadpan in the fridge. I'll come home at noon and put it in the oven (which Mr. Gaia will set up and leave to preheat before he goes to work).

We did buy a cheap loaf pan that is dark colored and should absorb less energy from the oven (thereby letting it stay hotter to actually bake the bread).

Goals update:

We biked tonight at about 8:00. It was 83F with a SE wind of 16.1 mph. We biked 1.71 miles (according to google earth) a good portion of it facing a headwind (I'm not up on vectors enough to figure out how strong of a headwind when we were riding due east and due south).


Content Curmudgeon/Green Hornet said...

Hi Gaia Girl, this is Green Hornet ( I just bought a Sun Oven ($250), and live in DC. Indeed, this solar cooking thing takes some getting used to. Although it was hot outside yesterday (but the sun in and out of clouds), my beet greens didn't cook in over 3 hrs and the oven temp never exceeded 170. I'm disappointed so far; it's smaller than I'd like and I am wondering if you or anyone you own and use that brand.

Gaia said...

I own the global sun oven (the same brand you mentioned, I think). It does have to be sunny and you do have to be careful to make sure it is aimed at the sun as much as possible.

I don't know why you didn't exceed 170, unless it's because there just wasn't enough sun through the clouds.