Friday, June 08, 2007

Finally the weekend!!

It was a long week at work. One big project for one big client took most of my week. I probably spent 20-30 hours on it alone.

The rest of the time was spent trying to fill in the emergencies that were ignored while I worked on the project.

Today I spent some time cleaning my desk - filing lots and lots of documents and using windex to wash it (it was so disgusting, I found a lot of cockroach droppings - yuck!). I also tried to clear some more of the backlog. My main boss is back from vacation on Monday so I wanted to be sure to have some of his work done to show him. And failing that, have a clean, organized desk for him to see.

Tomorrow we're taking a trip into Mexico. Father-in-law has requested we bring him some tequlia when we come visit next month. As Texas residents, we can only bring one bottle across each month (other US citizens can bring two/month). Well, we can bring more but we have to pay a lot more to get it into the country.

I hope to have a relaxing weekend and get lots of sleep. Last weekend I was doing mystery shops both days. I don't have any more scheduled until next week.

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