Thursday, June 21, 2007

Local Food

I'm still searching for local food in our area. I think I might have located a CSA, I've sent an email for more information.

Meanwhile, when we travel to Oklahoma, we're ordering food from the Oklahoma Food Coop. Technically it's only open to Oklahoma residents, but shhhh! Actually, they know we live here in Texas, but we were in the first wave of members and we have family in Oklahoma who are willing to pick up our stuff.

Recently we ordered 75 pounds of organic wheat berries. We bought a grain mill (the nutrimill) which is electric (I would have liked one that was manual, but Mr. Gaia wanted us to be sure we'd do this before we added an extra level of effort. We have the grain mill, but won't get the wheat berries for several more weeks. Meanwhile, we might just have to grind some rice for rice flour.

There's a perennial discussion as to which is better - organic or local. Since local doesn't appear to be much of an option here, I'm going with organic as much as possible.

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