Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bug Hill update

Megan is driving me nuts. She's 13 weeks along (I seriously thought it was longer, but she brought in an ultrasound pic). So far, she's taken off work for swollen feet, possible hemorrhoids, and today gas. Yes, she left work at noon because she had gas. Had she taken anything for it? "No, I'm not sure what I can take". So call your doc and ask her. If she's actually going into the office for all these things, you know her OB is ready to scream. From what she's told us, she's had at least 6 OB visits (in 9 weeks, give or take).

Tammy Zain's husband is travelling. So if you see her out and about and she ignores you, don't take it personally. With her kids at summer camp and him gone, she's not sleeping very well. The house is "too quiet, except when it's not". All the little noises that a house makes wake her up because they're no longer just background noise to the snoring, rustling, etc in a full house.

Connie Anderson is starting to plan her mom's 60th birthday party. Theresa Maker reminded her that the "nice" restaurant in town doesn't have a kids' menu and that according to some that makes it completely unsuitable for kids. And then they had a nice belly laugh.

The First Baptist pre-teens are at summer camp for the week. It's been quiet in the town. I'm sure it's a coincidence. It's a great time to visit the municipal pool, though.

Leslie Johnson has asked that I announce that she needs volunteers for floats for the 4th of July parade. She also needs people to sing before the fireworks display and actors/readers for the town history play that will be between the parade and the fireworks display.

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