Friday, June 01, 2007

It's June! Time for Goals.

School's out for the summer. My kids are on their way to Camp Gaga (aka "the farm") for the month so I'm free (and missing them already).

Having them gone enables me to increase my hours at work to 40/week (normally I work 30 to work around their school schedule) and make a little extra money.

Mr. Gaia and I have talked about our June goals some. We do not plan to eat out unless I have a mystery shop or something wonderful happens. If this June is anything like last June, we'll mainly live on watermelon for our evening meal - which is a pretty inexpensive meal, all things considered.

My other goals are:

1) Stop buying snacks at work (we have a guy who comes in and sells the most delicious mexican wedding cookies),

2) Stay out of stores unless I'm mystery shopping,

3) Expand my mystery shop horizons and add a new type of shop/store. I'm not sure what this will be, but having an actual lunch hour should help,

4) Finally order my study materials for my Certified Arborist test. Mr. Gaia thinks I can pass it without studying, but I think he forgets how long it's been since I did a lot of this stuff and just how much information has been pushed out of my brain in order for me to do well at my current job,

5) Bike at least 4 nights per week, working up to 6 miles per night. We quit biking when soccer started and I can tell the difference in how my clothes fit, so it's time to get back into shape so we can bike with the boys when they come back home,

6) Start my exercise routine again. I slacked off this week because my lower back hurts so bad and I was cleaning,

7) Keep my house in its current "company clean" state and maybe even work it up to "mom clean". Not that she'll be back anytime soon, but my inlaws plan to come in August (and bring us the furniture they are storing, maybe I can finally get some furniture in my front room),

8) Use the clothesline exclusively. I broke down and used it a few times in the last couple of weeks - we had so much rain that it was hard to get anything dry and then I put off finishing the kids' laundry until about 18 hours before they wanted to leave (in my defense, they had originally planned to leave tomorrow morning and changed their minds),

9) Get the oil changed in my car (I know this should be a "to do list" item and not a goal, but I'm a horrible procrastinator).

I hope the end of June finds us healthier and wealthier.

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