Sunday, June 03, 2007


1) I miss my kids horribly and I'm rethinking letting them have a cellphone. We sent MIL's new cellphone with them on this trip and it's been nice having them call us and being able to call them whenever we wanted. Hyperion has seemed to enjoy it a lot. He's called several times just because he missed us. Don't get me wrong, I'm still not going to get them their own cellphone, but it is nice while they're traveling.

2) Tonight's dinner was roasted corn on the cob and baked salmon - both done in our solar oven. They were delish! I love the solar oven, only solar energy required, and the food is tender and moist.

3) We finally got on our bikes tonight. A very short ride - probably just a little over three-quarters of a mile, but it was enough to make my legs shake. I am so out of shape.

4) I love our grocery store. They have special combo deals that help save me money. But why, why, why did they have to pair the ice cream with the frozen pizza we buy for the boys (natural, low fat and healthful)? I now have 3 quarts of ice cream in my freezer - well 3 quarts less 4 servings. This is not going to help me to lose weight.

5) has very annoying ads, but they do have good coupons. We've been able to buy items we like to buy anyway and get the name brand for quite a bit cheaper than the store brand.

6) EVERYONE who likes Kashi products should RUN to sign up at I get the best coupons from them - buy one get one free plus a ton of $1 off coupons (which I hand out). Plus free samples! Can't beat that.

7) Postsecret always makes me think and makes me sad. I anxiously await each week's new installment and then check back several times during the week to read the comments.


rani said...

Does it take forever to cook on a solar oven?

What great ideas for the coupons. I have a tendency to eat up my soy ice-cream in a blink, so I can imagine how you feel!

Danielle said...

Ooooo I must go to Kashi's website now.

Thanks for the tip.

Be well and enjoy the day.