Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Clean at last, clean at last!

Okay, so I didn't get my closets organized at all ("oh you need a towel, hold on a minute, I'll get it for you!"). So I didn't get the recycling taken to the recycling center and it's still piled up on my carport. So, I didn't get my lawn mowed. So what? It's clean enough and they're here.

I completed my first mystery shop and am gearing up for two tomorrow evening. My mom asked me if the store where I did my mystery shop sold athletes foot spray, I agreed that it probably did, but I didn't really want to go back this evening when I need to go to it again tomorrow. Talk about suspicious! So we went to K-Mart instead.

My cat almost managed to get a juvenile golden-fronted woodpecker. Poor thing was an early bird and left the nest just a little too soon. Luckily for him, her lead was too short for her to reach him. I kept trying to get it to go up a tree (it could climb just fine), but he ended up flying/coasting to the bushes in the neighbor's yard. I hope his parents are able to get him to a safe place before the neighborhood cats start hunting. This is why my cat is a house cat and only allowed outside with a harness and lead. I know it seems strange to tie up your cat when you let it out, but it's really the only environmental thing to do.

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