Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Oy! It was one of those days

I knew it was going to be when I opened my Yogi Tea bag and the quote inside said "Keep Up". I get this one regularly and it's NEVER a good day.

So, we had a couple show up to sign their will this morning. Had I finished the will? Had I even started the will? No. Luckily, they had a very, very simple will and I just made the quick changes to our standard form and printed it on the will paper. So it turned out well.

I got the files ready for the hearings tomorrow. But right after I shut down my computer to come home and pick up the kids, I remembered this rush file I had worked on Thursday and Friday and thought "isn't there a hearing on something tomorrow?". So I went into my boss' office and asked. Yes! There is a hearing tomorrow, no idea why it isn't on the calendar. So, rush to find the file, turn my computer back on and quick finish the few little things needed on the file.

Phew, done for the day. Rush home to change into shorts and t-shirt and sandals to go pick up the kids from school. Hope that the check we are waiting on appears in the mail (we don't necessarily need it right now, but it would really, really come in handy) and sit down to eat my "lunch". Rrriiinnnggg. My boss calls. "Client is here to sign the document, where is it?" Crap! I don't think we finished it, I was thinking he was coming in tomorrow. Crap, crap, crappity crap crap. I offer to come in and finish it, he says no big deal, they'll fix it (now, in all truth, I have been pulled in to finish/fix things for my coworkers, so it isn't anything new, but I really, really hate it because I feel it is largely because I am part time).

Realize my mom and dad will be here tomorrow! How much have we cleaned? It's now "we live in a sty, a sty I tell you" clean and edging toward company clean. But it isn't there yet. Decide the living room looks good, clean the dining room and then sit down to recover from the heat (MAJOR humidity after our 10" of rain over the weekend). Mr. Gaia comes home and changes the AC filter and turns it on (first time this year, yay us!). In between this, I decide that it seems like a good time to henna my hair (little tip, if you have naturally dry hair and are soaking in a bath with epsom salt, DON'T soak your hair too, it completely strips all the natural oils and your hair comes out like straw!).

So, still to do: Clean kitchen (clean counters and sweep, Mr. Gaia will mop tomorrow), clean bathroom (Mr. Gaia did the toilet as per our agreement - he cleans the toilet and I don't make the boys sit to pee) and sweep, sweep the hall and the boys' rooms, dry the futon cover and guest sheets.

Completely unnecessary cleaning I did? I bathed the cat. It seemed like a good time to do it, I was showering and not bathing, so the tub wasn't full of bubble bath or shaving cream, etc.

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