Thursday, June 28, 2007

Horrifying sounds

Tanya tagged me with a meme regarding horrifying sounds.

Horrifying sounds in my life:
1) The neighbor who mows at 7am on Saturday morning and crosses over to my yard and mows extremely short.

2) The neighbor with the friend with the Harley who sits right outside my bedroom window revving the engine (I assume he's working on it?) while I'm trying to nap.

3) The 3:00 in the morning sound that indicates one of my children has just upchucked all over his bed and possibly his brother.

4) The sound of fist on flesh that indicates Hyperion has finally gotten frustrated by Oceanus' superior verbal skills and evened the score with a demonstration of his superior physical skills.

5) The sound of a body hitting the floor/wall and no more sounds.

6) A room with my boys that is strangely quiet.

7) Rattling of paper while I'm trying to watch Jon Stewart or a movie that Mr. Gaia isn't that interested in.

8) Vague scurrying sounds that indicate the cockroaches have come inside to seek shelter.

9) Any mechanical sound that is louder than a hum.

I'm sure there are more, but with the boys gone, I find my memory drowning in a sea of "I really want my boys home".

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Tanya Brown said...

Oh, my! These are horrible! Any one of them is fodder for a nightmare.