Friday, June 29, 2007

Normal kid?

So, Mr. Gaia bought roach traps today because I decided that I've seen just too many. I mean, it's the subtropics, so we expect roaches (call them palmetto bugs if you want but they're still roaches) but lately it's been more than even bug tolerant me can deal with.

While he was bending down to put one under the dishwasher he found a month's worth of gummy vitamins and allergy pills. We immediately knew the culprit. Hyperion. He should be grateful he is 750 miles away. Mr. Gaia was not happy.

So, I think might explain the roach explosion. Sugary vitamins? Stashed in a humid, dark place? Roach heaven!

I tried to convince Mr. Gaia that this was normal. I personally remember putting food down the air conditioner vents in our house. And lying about it. Hyperion did fess up as soon as we asked him about it - so he's clearly a better kid than me. My next step was to then throw the food into the toilet and flush it, I'm thinking I'll have to watch Hyperion take his pills from now on.

Poor Hyperion is at my mom's. With my whole family. I did call him with Mr. Gaia to talk to him about it. Then I told him that he didn't have to tell anyone and that he shouldn't. I told Oceanus not to make fun of him for it and not to bring it up. Mr. Gaia didn't understand, but when I reminded him that it's family reunion weekend (a hell I got to miss because I HAVE to be at work on Tuesday), he was contrite for not waiting until the boys are back at his mom's.

So, hiding things you don't want to ingest is normal, right? It's not just that we're really weird?

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Tanya Brown said...

Kids have been hiding things they didn't want to eat ever since mankind lived in caves. That's probably how our relationship with canines got started, from cave kids slipping them their green beans (or mammoth fat) at dinner.

The good news is that the local roaches may be experiencing a sugar high, but they aren't facing malnutrition or allergy problems.