Friday, May 25, 2007

Flash Flood

I had to reschedule my mystery shop today. We got 5 inches of rain in less than 8 hours. This on top of 1.5 inches last night. I live in a flat area, we just can't absorb this kind of rain fall.

I made it home from work - just barely. My car almost stalled going across an intersection. My tires actually threw water up over my sideview mirrors (and I was only going 10mph). I saw a car stall out in front of our house right when I had to be leaving to do my shop. I just couldn't get there.

I hate having to cancel things, it makes me feel unreliable.

I wish I had gotten pictures. We have a grass strip of about 5' wide between our sidewalk and the road. The water was all the way up over the sidewalk and into our yard. The people across the street had their soaker hose float down the street. Trash cans were floating down the alley (and these are the huge trash cans - 200 gallons or so).

But 3 hours later? Just the barest puddles on the road.

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