Saturday, May 26, 2007


My mom comes Wednesday (well, my mom and my dad, but I always think "my mom"). So, I need to clean my house. We have several stages of cleaning:
1) Normal life - cluttered, floor needs swept and picked up, some dishes in the sink, counters need wiped, clean clothes are on the couch and in the basket.

2) "I'm sick of this, we live in a sty, a STY I tell you, a STY". The dishes are done, the laundry is folded (but not necessarily put away), the floors are picked up (but not necessarily swept) and the counters are wiped.

3) Company clean - the above but the laundry is put away and the floors are swept. The counters are not only wiped but washed down and the obvious spots on the floor are scrubbed up.

4) Mom clean - all of the above, plus the whole house gets vacuumed and mopped, the books are dusted, the futon cover is either washed or changed, all the sheets are changed and freshly laundered, the linen closet is reorganized and everything is neatly folded, the cabinets are organized, picture frames are dusted and the glass is cleaned, windows are washed if there is time.

This is all complicated by the fact that I'll also have to pack my kids for their month spent at "Camp Grandma". And did I mention that I have 4 mystery shops while they're here?

The only question is when to start doing all of the above. Clearly, it takes time, but if you do it too soon it looks like nothing was done at all. At least that's my excuse for not doing it today.

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