Tuesday, April 10, 2007

April Woes

April financial showers (downturns) bring May financial flowers (upturns)? I hope so.

So this month is expensive. Income taxes, car insurance and now our television died.

I'm actually embarrassed how tied to the TV I am. I mainly use it for background noise while I'm up late. I'm only up late to have my alone time. But, the thought of being without TV bothered me enough that I made Mr. Gaia rig something so that we can watch TV. He rigged our projector (don't ask) to make a HUGE television. He's ordered a new one from Costco so that we can take back our living room from the overpowering television. For right now, we truly have a big screen TV.

Car insurance. Well, I'm actually kind of overstating it. We have Progressive and they allow you to put it on your credit card. So it will actually be due next month. By putting it on the credit card (even though we did actually have the cash) we bought another month interest free and will get some bonus cash. I love rewards cards.

Income tax. First let me say that it is great to not qualify for Earned Income Tax Credit. This is only the second year since Oceanus was born that we haven't qualified. It was nice to have it when we needed it, but it's really nice to make more money now. That said, I don't wanna send them a check that they'll use to wage war. I try to tell myself that *my* taxes go to social programs and environmental tax credits, but I'm not sure I believe it.

April feels expensive, and it is, but we're deferring a good portion of it interest free until next month.

I had to set some financial goals for April so that when the bills come due in May we'll have enough to cover it. My goals:

1) More mystery shops. They only pay about $12, but it's better than nothing.

2) Use my samples. No more buying new until all the samples are used up. I have enough samples and hotel bottles of shampoo to last at least through May.

3) Use the clothesline 100% (which has been difficult because April is proving to truly be rainy)

4) Commit to my garden. I need to go ahead and pull out the bok choy and arugula which have bolted and plant some tomatoes and peppers and okra. Yummm, fried okra - there's nothing better in the world. I have seeds for all of these. They may not be the most viable, but it only takes a few plants of each to have more than I can use.


Tanya Brown said...

Your post is an amusing bit of serendipity. I've been re-reading Amy Dacyczyn's "Tightwad Gazette" books and thinking about how to live more frugally. Perhaps I could string a clothesline on the side of the house just above the trash cans?

Ah, TV. Well, it is nice to have something to watch while folding laundry and when decompressing a bit. Sometimes I find myself watching "Big Spender" and talking to the TV. "You spent HOW much on shoes and bowling balls? Are you nuts?"

I'm with you on the waging war bit. Can't we just keep that part of our income taxes? "No, no, you mustn't go invade other countries on my account. Really. I insist."

Fried okra sounds good. I haven't been able to grow okra worth beans out here. I suppose there are some crops which simply do better in your area. Enjoy it in good health!

Gaia said...

I haven't actually asked around about okra, but hibiscus grows well and okra is in the hibiscus family, so I'm going to try it. I'm thinking about putting it in flower beds, it really is a fairly pretty flower. I have some of the purply-red kind (it turns green when you cook it) so it would be ornamental.

I have the complete tightwad book (the big one sold at Sam's and Costco) and I find it a very useful tool.