Thursday, April 12, 2007


I need a camera. I have one, but it eats batteries like mad, so it's like not having a camera at all.

Today I got pissed at the vine on my trellis, it grew way too fast and now it's just a mess at the top and hardly any on the trellis. So I decided to be ruthless and cut it off at the top. While doing that I managed to uncover some anoles. Poor things, they were in the middle of some lizard love.

Then being the freak I am, I ran to get my boys to show them. Okay, what kind of mom shows a 6 & 8 year old two lizards having sex? A freaky nature mom, that's who. They were interesting though, they didn't move while having sex, the male just moved her tail aside, clamped on and then they sat there.

There was another, smaller male hanging out. I don't know if he was waiting his chance or what.

I knew this was mating season for the lizards, I've been seeing them EVERYWHERE. The other day, I walked out and saw two on the siding of my soffits (which are brown). They were bright green. I walked down to look at the one that was a little lower. By the time I turned around, the other one had turned brown to match the soffit color.


Tanya Brown said...

Those anoles are neat-looking. So I gather they change color?

"Lizard love". LOL! Nice turn of phrase.

I've seen some reproductive activities in my back yard that sort of made me want to intercede. As in "hey, do you think you could be a little gentler with her?" or "if she drowns in the bird bath, there aren't going to be any eggs now, are there?"

Males. Hmph.

Gaia said...

I think our anoles are the Carolina anoles. They change from bright grass green to a dull brown. And apparently quite quickly.

Ducks are horrible to see when they mate. It looks exactly like rape.