Thursday, March 01, 2007

In this day and age

I really thought this shit had stopped.

In the delivery from school today, ie - the flyers, the notices, etc, was "Champs Camp 2007".

Done at the baptist church during spring break. $40 for the week and it's 8-5. This is cool, if we needed child care that week, I'd be all over it.

Until. I look at the list of activities and see: Basketball, swimming, volleyball, soccer, skating, golf, baseball (guys only), softball (girls only), tennis, aerobics/dance (girls only), football (guys only), arts & crafts, martial arts.

This is EXACTLY why I will not attend a baptist church. Why do they see the need to keep girls from playing baseball and football and boys from playing softball and doing aerobics/dance? My boy? Would love to do the aerobic/dance. As a kid, I would have wanted to play football and baseball. I HATED softball and dance. I would have been upset, the adults and kids would have teased and I would have had a meltdown (because of the teasing, not, as they would claim, because I couldn't do what I wanted). I would have spent the rest of the week being embarrassed by my meltdown, IF my mom or the organizers had let me go back. Hyperion is so much like me, it's not even funny.

Oh, and kids are required to participate in every sport (gender appropriate of course) so a girl who doesn't like softball is SOL, she's expected to participate. A boy who doesn't like football? Equally SOL.

Okay, seriously? Why can't girls play football? Because they might get hurt? And? Boys might get hurt too. Boys aren't tougher than girls when it comes to pain (who lives with menstrual cramps?). Boys aren't immune to getting hurt. If a girl chooses to take that risk, who should say it isn't her right?

And why shouldn't boys be in aerobic/dance? Are they afraid it will turn them gay?

I want to call and at least say "hey listen, I got your flier from the school and my daughter saw it and wants to play football, but it says "boys only". Is there a reason it's only for boys? Because my daughter really likes to play football with her dad and brothers and is pretty good at it." I'm just not sure I can do it without being insulting to them.

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Tanya Brown said...

"Hello? Yes, I got your flier from the school. I have a few questions. Well, actually, it's my daughter. She saw that the football was marked 'boys only', and she wanted to know why having a penis was required to play football. She watches professional football a lot on TV and says she's never seen any of those players using their penises while playing.

Hello? Hello?"