Monday, March 05, 2007

Reading TAKS scores are in

And our school did well. Thank God. As much emphasis as they put on these stupid tests, I'd hate for it to have been for naught.

Oceanus got Commended Performance (along with about 7 others in his class).

Now this isn't surprising for him. He reads well and a lot. We spend time reading to him and discussing what we read.

I gotta tell you, the Series of Unfortunate Events books are downers and really, really depressing, but they do a great job of enriching vocabulary. Hyperion has an amazing vocabulary and I'm sure a lot of it is from listening to us read these books.

We've done some reading about ADD and I have to say, Hyperion fits most of the characteristics. His teacher didn't mention it just because he is active, she specifically mentioned his need to "fiddle", his inability to control himself when he knows the answer, his lack of impulse control (he will do exactly what he just got reprimanded for and says he just couldn't help it). I don't think drugs are the answer for him - he is learning and doing well, but we do probably need to look into some behavioral modifications, if for no other reason than because I don't want him being "that kid", the one that distracts the class, the one that "doesn't live up to his potential", etc.

I've got to remember my own behavioral modifications. I let myself go too long without food today. I know better. I totally snapped. I yelled at Hyperion for asking for help (there was a bit more to it, but it was still not something I should have responded so strongly to). By the time I had my self back into control, it was time for soccer practice. Thankfully, soccer practice went well.

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Tanya Brown said...

Good luck with your little one. I'm not automatically anti-drug but, as with things like blood sugar and high blood pressure, it's nice when there are some other things to try first.

Try not to be too hard on yourself about snapping at your kid. You're only super human. I've gotten low blood sugar and have done the same thing about a jillion times, and there are days I find myself counting under my breath on an hourly basis.