Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My day

Awake to dh freaking out because the clock says 7:17. "Mine says 6:49, what does your phone say?" "6:50" "So shut up". He gets up and goes to the bathroom - loudly. Leaving his alarm set.

I stumble out at 7:10. The kids can't find their clothes, their shoes, their homework. Oceanus needs someone to cut him a piece of bread. The following conversation took place:
Cat: Yowling desperately
Me: Someone feed the cat.
Hyperion: it's not my turn
Oceanus: I fed her last night
H: not my turn
M: I don't care, *I'll* feed her
O&H together: Noooo!!! *I* want to feed her.

DH takes forever getting his shower, making me late.

They leave to walk to school "we're LATE!"

I realize I actually have 10 minutes before I need to leave and then remember boss has court this morning and I didn't brief him on the file yesterday. Know I'm looking for something, but can't remember what. Get to the end of the alley and realize - oh yeah, my allergy pills. I'm not going back.

Get to the office, boss is worried about time, etc. But still doesn't leave. Informs us all that the receptionist is in the hospital (she has the stomach bug going around and it has left her so dehydrated she has to be on IV fluids) and then gets exasperated at her. I'm sure she chose to be ill and in the hospital.

Boss finally leaves. I realize 2nd boss has an open calendar - "Do you have time?" "Yes, we need to talk" Sigh. He gives me a laundry list of things to do and reminds me that I have a limited window of time without boss 1 around. Sigh.

At 10:00 walk-in comes in. I realize her name is familiar and can't figure out why. I ask boss 2 if he will see her. He says sure, why not. Right before I tell her he will see her in a minute, I realize why her name is familiar. She has an appoinment with Boss 1 Thursday at 9:30. Boss 2 decides to go ahead and talk to her and not worry about thursday. Boss 1 wants to leave early anyway (around 10:00) so why not.

Boss 1 gets back at 11:00 and is upset because his calendar is messed up. He juggled an appointment around yesterday and then juggled it back. Either he didn't tell me or I didn't hear it because it didn't fixed in the calendar. So I start calling appointments to ask if they can reschedule to the morning. They are happy to do so.

In between all this, I do my job.

2:30, I leave. Call my mom. Continue to try to contact a client. Walk to pick up the boys.

3:20-4:40 - play homework cop. Manage to contact client and remind her of court tomorrow.

4:40 leave for soccer practice

4:50-6:20 shag balls and help with practice. I'm exhausted.

6:20-6:30 discuss dinner with Mr. Gaia, finally settle on chili dogs

6:40-7:00 listen to two boys make more noise eating than any 2 children have any right to make.

7:00 - send the kids to start bedtime routine

7:45-8:10 - read chapter 3 of Harry Potter 6 to the boys

8:15 - mix a drink of pineapple juice and coconut rum and relax. Log on to the computer and veg.

10:45 - come here.

I have a very boring, tedious life. Don't you wish you were me?

Actually, I shouldn't complain, it's nice to have a tedious life. A boring life. A little excitement isn't bad, but it never seems to be a little excitement.

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Tanya Brown said...

Well, now. This sounds like the kind of day that just makes you plain glad to be alive.

Bring on the Calgon, I say!