Friday, February 23, 2007


So Hyperion's teacher finally mentioned that she thought he might have ADD. Really? No kidding?

I'm not sure how to handle this. I know I don't want to medicate him. That much I'm positive about. He is doing well in school. He's an A-B student, but he is having behavioral issues. I'm afraid he is preventing other kids from doing as well as they should. There will be some discussions in the Gaia household this weekend.

Oceanus is mad at me. He didn't put his soccer shirt in the dirty laundry and I just realized it today. I've already done the week's laundry. I made him gather what was left and then I walked him through washing it. He didn't think it was fair that I made him wash my clothes too. I pointed out that we still weren't washing a full load and that was wasteful. I told him that if he had put it where it belonged, it would have been washed with the regular clothes and we wouldn't be wasting energy and water washing a partial load.

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Tanya Brown said...

Good for you for not being a knee-jerk Ritalin/drug-the-kid person.

I was laughing while reading about Oceanus' reaction to having to wash your clothes too. Um, I guess he isn't yet old enough to flip that thought around and realize that you have to do his clothes all of the time.