Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The destructive power of ice

These are pics taken near McAlester, Oklahoma. These pics are from an area that didn't get the full brunt.

The first one? Breaks my heart. The tree on the ground is a redbud tree. This is "my tree". I harvested blossoms from this tree as a kid. When I made "salads" the seed pods were an integral part. I picked 4 leaf clovers from underneath it (did you know 4 leaf clovers usually grow in patches?), until they were killed with broadleaf herbicide to make way for bermudagrass.

At this point, there is probably not a single spot in Oklahoma that hasn't been hit by a major ice storm in the last 10 years.

Pictures actually taken in McAlester show the city bradford pears broken into 3 and 4 pieces.

Can I say how happy I am to live in the subtropics? I've done my share of ice storms.

But they do have their pretty side:

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Tanya Brown said...

I hate #$%$@#% ice storms. (Insert memories of walking in icy mud to meet the school bus and trying to defrost the septic line with a hair dryer - IF the power was on!)

I'm sorry the redbud tree of your girlhood was destroyed. That's going to feel all wrong when you go back to visit, plus your kids won't get the experience of making "salads" from your special tree.