Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Next Blog

Shall we discuss the "Next Blog" button? I love this button. I use it a lot. I've found a TON of great blogs by hitting it. For instance:

Tanya the Art Butcher you gotta love a woman who can not only draw her muse, but quilt it as well, and we won't even get into her wit.

Stoic Zebra yeah, like seeing someone wear a zebra head doesn't make you stop and look and then she can write too! (Oops, apparently zebra is a he. I'm sure it's my fault for not reading past the first page. My apologies Zebra. Still, it's a good blog.)

The Green Mommy, well, gee, I can't imagine why I liked her blog. She says the things I want to say, but in a much more organized way.

Edited to add one I can't believe I forgot! Bad Mom, Good Mom If you knit or do any kind of fabric craft, you have to check this blog. This is one of my first finds. And every time I've killed a computer (3 times in 6 months) hers is one of the first blogs I search for (because of course I don't have my favorites saved - that would make just too much sense).

I always wonder what other great blogs I'm missing. As I hit "Fergie's Shorts" "Girls, Girls, Girls" "Bestest Blog Ever", etc 5, 6, 7 times in a half hour session. How DOES blogger work that next blog button? It's hard to believe it's truly random when you hit the same blogs over and over and over.


Grace said...

I didn't see your email address on your profile so I am answering your question here.

I made the pentagons using a provisional cast on. I will post a pictorial explanation this weekend at

stoiczebra said...

Hmmm. I guess the photo and comments on my "First Zebra Sighting" blog are deceptive. I'm a guy, the photo is of a friend who borrowed the zebra head. Actually it got passed around all that night. We had a great time just acting silly. If you can't act silly amongst your friends on a regular basis, what's the point? Peace.

Tanya Brown said...

Hey, thanks for the "ups"!

Dang. Now I kind of want a zebra head.