Monday, January 29, 2007

Chez Gaia

Today in our house Mr. Gaia made pancakes (lots of extras to freeze for breakfast for the boys this week).

I did laundry (2 loads on the clothesline, one still in the washer and will probably have to go into the dryer since the clothesline won't hold more). One more load of laundry left and it's all done. Then we have to put it all away. Sigh.

During the laundry time, I baked bread. 2 loaves that should last this week and maybe most of next week, depending upon how much Mr. Gaia eats.

Baking time means cleaning the counters. I do clean them regularly, but I'm the only one so they tend to get messy and cluttered. When I told Mr. Gaia I couldn't bake bread until they were clean, he did get busy and they were decluttered very, very quickly. The kitchen is actually mostly clean now. So nice.

Then bathtime for me while the kids get to play with their xmas Wii (only uses 53 watts - less than a typical lightbulb, that's pretty good for a game system). I don't use a hairdryer and have long hair, so an early bath is nice to give the hair time to dry so I don't sleep on wet hair and don't start the day with wet hair.

What didn't happen? Hyperion DIDN'T do any reading. Sigh. He needs to practice. Oceanus read tons - he just got Harry Potter 6 and is devouring it. It kills him that I won't let him tell me what is happening. I hope he doesn't get too upset when Dumbledore dies.

I sure hope Hyperion learns to love reading as much as the rest of the family. It will be very lonely and sad for him if he doesn't.

We hope to have Soccer practice this week. If it doesn't rain (please no rain tomorrow, so my clothes can dry).

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