Sunday, September 03, 2006

My friend Amy

I realized the other day that my life has always had an Amy in it, and when it hasn't, it's been bland and I've felt lost.

In grade school and jr high, I had Amy Bernasky. We were friends, then we weren't, then we were friendly, then she moved. High School is kind of a daze for me. I did good in school, but knew I didn't belong there, but wasn't sure where I did belong.

In jr college, I had Amy Bales. Amy and I were pretty friendly freshman year. Sophomore year we took physics together and studied together 1st semester but pretty much drifted apart 2nd semester.

We went to the same university, but by then I had met current dh and didn't really take times to stay friends and she didn't really seem to want to be all that friendly either.

The summer between junior and senior years I met Amethyst Shields (an Amy because apparently few people can pronounce Amethyst, go figure). Amy just had a bday but I haven't spoken to her since that summer. Which sucks. There we were 2 young kids on a mountain, in a log cabin with no tv, no radio and no telephone. It was an hour to anything resembling civilization. We grew close (not that way, I don't know *any* women who grew close that way, despite what porn mags tell you) but she moved on to Kansas and I moved in with current DH.

I went almost 3 years before I met my current Amy. Amy Elaine. Amy and I are still friends despite me having moved twice since we met. We met at a job which we both hated but would probably still be at if they hadn't laid us all off. I'm trying to get Amy to come visit me. I think she'd like it down here, but so far it hasn't worked out. I haven't seen her in 2 years now. We keep in touch via email.

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