Sunday, August 13, 2006

Luring people to church

So, we were solicited to receive a free backpack full of school supplies. I asked questions, they said they had plenty, they were free, just come.

Silly me, I didn't realize this was a ploy to get people into church. I knew a church was a sponsor, but I got spoiled by liberal churches that gave without the expectation of anything. I forgot I'm in a conservative area and liberal churches don't exist here.

We rode our bikes. It was 4+ miles. We were hot and sweaty. In shorts and exercise gear. And expected to sit through a church service (which we were late for).

Now, I have no issues with expecting people to attend church for something free, IF you tell them that is your expectation. We might or might not have attended, but I know I would have been dressed nicer and in a better frame of mind. Of course, this was a mega church, so actually I wouldn't have attended.

Since we were late, we decided to just wait through the service, it had been going on for 45 minutes, how much longer could it be? Try another 45 minutes. Yeah. Then the kids get their backpacks (no parents allowed please - umm, WTF?). Now, the forms they had us fill out asked for school and grade. I knew this was a huge project, so I didn't expect a whole lot. Apparently, inside they had backpacks arranged by grade. So, imagine my surprise when they held the exact same things. As if a 1st grader needs a package of black ink pens. A good portion of the stuff is not needed by their school (side note, since when did schools start requiring glue sticks and not bottles of glue?), so will sit at our house waiting for the time it can be used.

But the backpacks? They rock! I may steal one from the kids.

We did get free hotdogs (white bread of course) and off brand cola (which I declined, if I'm going to have the empty calories, I want dr Pepper, TYVM).

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