Saturday, August 12, 2006

Disposable World

I think our culture may be getting out of hand.

I didn't say anything when Avon introduced their instant manicure (even though you can buy at least 2 bottles of nail polish for the price of one package). I ignored sunscreen wipes.

But instant lipstick? This is going too far.

Look people, packaging DOES add up. The more disposable the things you buy, the more it adds up. This whole "peak oil" thing? It doesn't apply just to the gas in your car. It also applies to the plastic that wraps everything you buy.

You want to save the world? Besides the obvious things (driving less, having a more fuel efficient car) think about all the things that contain oil products. Conventionally grown food uses pesticides and fertilizers made from oil. Plastic is almost completely oil based (there are a few vegetable starch plastics, but they aren't common). If tomorrow we found that all the projections on oil supplies were wrong, could you survive without oil?

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