Monday, August 14, 2006

It's a good life

Life here has been good. We haven't been nearly as hot as the rest of the US. We can exercise outside without worrying about heat stroke (well, at least not worrying much). Our town is still small enough we can walk to the movie theater (but big enough to have a cheap theater), the grocery store and even a bunch of restaurants. We can feel pretty safe while walking, even close to the border.

I'm trying very hard not to tell my mom to fuck off for giving my brother a 40th bday party (he also had a 30th with lots of gifts) when my 30th came and went with barely a call. She's trying to guilt me into sending a card. Newsflash mom, he and I don't get along. I barely tolerate him. The fact that you favor him doesn't help. 2007 will see a 50th and 2 60th bdays in our family. I'm looking forward to saying "no, I won't come, they don't bother with me, why should I go that far out of my way to bother for them". I'm sure I won't really say it, but you never know.

This journey is about finding myself separate of my family. I know they really want me to either conform or to go away. So, I went away. Well, they really want me to conform more. Well, face it, I'm not a brainless conservative, I'm a thinking liberal who refuses to believe the homosexuality is worse than greed, avarice and war. I don't believe that Jesus would have chosen to start a war elsewhere so that we didn't have to fight here (subtext - let those people die, not us, who cares if more will die because of us, we'll be saaafe).

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