Monday, August 21, 2006

In which I brag about my kids

Okay, not exactly.

Today was the first day of school. Hyperion LOVED it. He bounced out of his class excited, gave his teacher a hug and started talking about how great it was. Oh, and he made a new friend today - Caitlin.

Oceanus, well, not so much. He said the teacher gave them lots of work. He says none of them finished it. I'm guessing placement tests.

Oceanus skipped half a grade and is technically a grade ahead of where he should be (technically because in a lot of states he would be exactly where he is, it's just that our state has an early cutoff date). I spend half my life worried they'll want to send him back and we'll be back where we were in kindy - with him finished with his work before most kids even started and bored.

Today, I was a mean mom and made them do homework, even though they don't actually have any homework. Oceanus did math on the computer. Hyperion worked with me on sightwords. I hope his teacher can spur his interest in reading.

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