Sunday, August 20, 2006

First day of school

Tomorrow. Which means getting up and out of the house early. Eek! School starts at 7:45am and we plan to walk - 1/2 mile (each way).

I've got fresh bread baking, new clothes washing and dh labeling supplies.

Kids are in bed, I think asleep, but who knows?

Oceanus' lunch box is clean and ready for his water bottle, sandwich and (slightly brown and mushy) banana. I'll load his lunch money account tomorrow and let him buy milk.

This school's lunch menu is austere. Tomorrow they will have ham and cheese sandwiches, baked cheetos and peach cups. That doesn't seem like many calories, but I guess that's about what they are used to from last year. At least it's healthier than what they've had before.

I'll put a water bottle in Hyperion's backpack and be sure to take a snack when I go to pick them up. I don't know if this school will offer snacks or not, their old school did.

I think we're ready. On to 3rd and 1st grade!

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