Monday, January 07, 2008

One week update

I'm happy to say that so far I've flossed every night and have been making the pitcher of tea last 3 days (I suspect Hyperion is drinking some of my tea, so this is an especially big victory).

I've been sucking at getting to sleep by 2am. Saturday night/Sunday morning it was almost 6am (yeah, exactly). Last night, Mr. Gaia woke up whimpering right at 2 - right as I was about to turn the light off. He managed to pull a muscle or something Friday night while sleeping and has had a horrible week. Last night was apparently the worst yet (of course, he refused to take the pain killer like I told him to). So, I got up and found the heating pad and got him set up out in the living room. I finally turned the light out at 3. At 3:20 I thought I smelled smoke and got worried about the heating pad (it's really, really old) so I had to check on him, it wasn't the heating pad, probably somebody burned trash or they're burning the fields or it was just my imagination. I think I probably got to sleep around 3:45.

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