Thursday, January 03, 2008

Iowa caucuses

Can I say that the whole caucus process looks like pure hell to me? I HATE crowds. I can't stand the noise and the lack of space. I got itchy just watching it on TV and Mr. Gaia had to turn the sound off because I was going nuts.

If that was the process in my state, there is no way I could participate which would really bug me. I think I much, much, much prefer the way Oklahoma and Texas do it - just wander in and vote - seldom any crowds and NO noise.

I'm conflicted about my choices this term. I like Obama, but I'm not sure he's ready. I'm not sure I know enough about him, either. Hillary is simply not liberal enough AND she voted for the damned war. Edwards I liked until he rolled over and fired his bloggers just because of one little scandal - that is NOT a sign of a strong person, IMO.

In other news, Megan had her baby. She had her at 12:16am New Year's Day. The first baby born in the county in 2008. I'm still not sure about the whole "bedrest" thing. I am surprised that she wasn't induced by 12/20 but I wonder how much of what Megan said was actually truly what her OB said.

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