Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year

Our New Year started with a fight. Sigh.

My new dishwasher got here! Yay! But Mr. Gaia read the directions to say NO plastic at all on the bottom rack and was mad at me for putting them there and refusing to handwash the ones that wouldn't fit in the top rack. I read the directions, read them to him and he still refused to believe me. So I ran it anyway and of course the plastic is fine. Sigh.

New Years Night we walked around the neighborhood watching the fireworks and then decided to have our own countdown (since the only time pieces we had were our cellphones) when we saw the fireworks increase.

So today was a better day. LOL.

So resolutions. I like Sally's take on resolutions. Goals are a much better term. I also like her idea of taking it month by month and just starting a plan. I've combined that with the idea that you should add one good habit and drop one bad habit. The problem is, I long ago gave up the bad habits I am willing to give up. So I'm modifying that one a bit.

Good habit - floss every night. I rarely floss and I should really start doing it. I have to go to the dentist this year (I'm paying for the freakin' insurance, I need to make sure I use it) and I would love to be able to say "Every night" when asked whether I floss or not. Being that this is a big change, I will give myself a break if I'm not perfect. No thinking I already blew it so don't worry about it.

Bad habit - one less glass of sweet tea/day (give or take). Right now my half gallon pitcher lasts me 2 days. I want it to last 3 days. And instead of replacing the tea with juice or milk, I'm replacing it with water.

Good habit - Go to bed earlier

Bad habit - Stop staying up late

So this is the same thing. This is huge for me. I haven't gotten to sleep earlier than midnight in years. The only time I've done it since high school were the months when I was pregnant. I'm going to start slow. I've already set a goal of being in bed, lights out, by 2:00am. I'm going to work on that through January and in February I will work on refiguring my nightly routine to be in bed, lights out by 1:30. I will continue this and by the end of February I will be aiming for 1:00. It's still not enough sleep, but it's a start.

Good habit - At least one vegetarian meal each week

Bad habit - stop eating out because it is convenient.

March is the month when soccer season is in full swing. Plus we have spring break (Mr. Gaia and the boys are talking about traveling to Oklahoma for this time, so it will be very tempting for me to eat out).

The family goal for January is to not eat out. We're recovering financially from traveling and the new dishwasher and presents.

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