Thursday, January 24, 2008

31 Days To Fix Your Finances, Day 2

31 Days To Fix Your Finances, Day 2: Defining Your Goals From Your Values

Today's exercise is to figure out our goals in life based on our personal values.

Recap of my personal values:
1) The environment
2) Family
3) Social Justice
4) Health
5) Self Sufficiency/Financial Independence
First we are supposed to define our goals for the next twenty-five years.

Longterm Goals:

1) To work full time as a naturalist in a state or national park.
2) To provide financial and emotional support to my boys as they complete their college education.
3) To find a meaningful and effective organization to work with as a volunteer and donor to work to achieve social justice.
4) To maintain and healthy and active lifestyle including hiking and biking regularly.
5) To be financially independent and only work when and where we want.

Then we are supposed to define our goals for the next year.

Shortterm Goals:
1) Complete the Texas Master Naturalist course.
2) Complete Certified Arborist certification.
3) Start a 529 plan for each of the boys.
4) Continue to eat healthful and organic foods and lose this extra 20 pounds.
5) Grow a garden to provide at least 50% of our vegetables this year.


Daisy said...

The plan sound fabulous. Good luck!

Gaia said...

I hope I've been realistic. I tend to make plans and not follow through with them.