Saturday, November 24, 2007


It's cold in the subtropics.

I've caught my cat under the covers of the bed several times (you can't force her under the covers normally.

My trick for heating the house without turning on the heat it to cook a big pot of soup or beans. Tonight it was beans for beans and cornbread.

The other trick is to heat a kettle of water and pour it into my thermos and then have hot cocoa or hot tea all evening. If you're like me and in need of a little bit of relaxing - a little bit of amaretto and coconut rum is wonderful (I had this in Crested Butte one year - they called it a German Chocolate and it was just the thing after a day of skiing).

And then my fuzzy socks and fleece blankets. So far, we haven't turned on heat and I'd like to wait until at least January. It's still 69 in the house - so plenty warm, just difficult to handle when it was 80 in the house only 3 days ago.


Tanya Brown said...

Ahhhhh. 69! Like a marvelous desert scirocco! We're here cowering and shivering because it's - get this - 60 in the house in the daytime. Can you say "thin blood"?

On one of the blogs I follow, the lady's house was getting down in the forties and she still hadn't turned on the heat. I was seriously impressed.

Gaia said...

It's hard to complain, really. Except that, like I said, that's an 11 degree drop in 3 days. It's difficult to adjust to at first. And of course right as I start to adjust to it, it's going to warm back up.

40 and no heat yet? Damn, that woman is TOUGH!